Full Movie ‘Desktop Treasure’

Desktop Treasure

Director : UMMMI.
Cast : Hirari Ikeda / Azusa Furihata / Tou
Music : le petit terezes’s
9min, 2014

 ■ Selected Screening
Center Pompidou Film Festival Hors Pistes Tokyo 2014, Japan
Center Pompidou Film Festiva Hors Pistes Sao Paulo 2014, Brazil
7th Cairo Video Festival at Zwaya Art House Cinema, Egypt

One day when surfing through the internet, a young women discovers an old blog from several years ago. She attempts to delete it but cannot remember the password. This film attempts to go beyond borders through mixing up personal areas of the Internet by bringing out online records and analogue records, personal spaces lived in by the actor and old blogs and e-mail log in screens, and mixed video footages of various qualities.