Full Movie ‘Disgraced Heaven’

Disgraced Heaven  邦題: 汚れきった天国

Director : UMMMI.
Cast : Makoto Tanakna, Syo Kiyohara, Ruby Nakamura, Kaori Takeshita, 
Hanae Kuwataka, Naoya Kuwataka, Yusuke Okuda, Masahiro Mori
12min, 2017
Sound by Meta Flower, Yusaku Arai
Translated by Erika Sakai, Jesse Hogan

A couple with some issues has just moved into the town. Driving through the town, they saw many “weird” people from a car window. They began to wonder why they had decided to come to this place. They stepped in an old Chinese restaurant and...? This is a story about the "Disgraced Heaven" for the failures, a only utopia in a hellhole. 

なんらかの事情を抱えて、新しい街に引っ越ししてきた男女のカップル。引っ越し先の街を車の中からぼんやり見ていると、奇妙な人々が街に溢れていて、一体なんて場所に引っ越してきてしまったのだろうと息を飲む。そしてその先で入った中華料理屋で... 地獄の中にある唯一のユートピア、ダメな人間のためだけに存在する、汚れきった天国についての物語。